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Matt Pina,
​Mayor and Council Member

Des Moines Waterfront Market

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Des Moines City Council

The following is a list of key successes I have helped to accomplish over the last four years on your behalf:

  • The 2017 city budget is the first budget in over ten years that has not relied on one time monies or borrowing future money to sustain current city services. The 2017 budget also includes financial reserves at levels required by the Washington State Auditor.
  • Economic development began moving forward at levels greater than ever before in the city’s history.
  • Our Police Patrol Teams are funded to full strength and vacant positions are being filled.
  • The implementation of policing technology that create workforce multipliers for the police department.
  • The addition of a Crime Analysis Technician in the police department ensures that crime data is reviewed and information is provided to patrol teams advising them where focused patrols are needed in the city.    
  • The Police Department is building stronger partnerships with regional police agencies.
  • The establishment of regional partnerships has significantly strengthened the City of Des Moines Emergency Management Plans safeguarding the continuity of government during a disaster and ensuring our citizens and business receive the disaster assistance needed.
  • Quality of Life programs through the Parks & Recreation and the Senior Service Center have remained intact.
  • A Road Paving program has begun; something that has not happened for over ten years.
  • A Citizen Advisory Committee was formed with representatives from all nine community neighborhoods “your voices are being heard”.
  • Hiring a new city manager that is committed to efficient and smart use of tax payer dollars and creating greater efficiency in city government operations.
  • The hiring of a new finance manager to working in conjunction with the city manager identifying efficiencies related to the budget line item costs.
  • Implementation of long-term financial forecasting and planning based on factual data.
  • Most importantly, with a lot of handwork and the re-negotiations of financial commitments and contracts our City was kept from bankruptcy and dissolving.
  • Worked with the City Council and staff to establish an Aviation Advisory Committee. Ensuring that impacts of SeaTac Airport remain in the focus of city’s leadership (both employee and elected), now and in the future.

Everyday our city is getting stronger, healthier and as we move to long-term financial sustainability!!

Accomplishments of Matt Pina