Des Moines Waterfront Market

Re-Elect Matt Pina

Des Moines City Council

From the desk of Matt Pina:

Des Moines Historical Society

Matt Pina,
​Mayor and Council Member

Dear Friends,

I want to start by saying “Thank You”.  It really is an honor and privilege to serve this community and the great City of Des Moines, both as a Council member and your Mayor.

Since beginning Council service much has happened. Through partnerships, community engagement, hard work and focus, we have established the groundwork for Des Moines bright future. Together we are implementing a model that is securing Des Moines long-term viability and independence while maintaining the positive and livable waterfront community we all value. This work continues to be challenging because although we are headed in the right direction, a fair part of the journey is ​still in front of us.

Our work continues to focus on updating ordinances and zoning while evaluating opportunities that will create both a sustainable future and reduce the financial burden on the city’s residents.  To do this effectively we’ve had many conversations with the community, local businesses, property owners, real estate brokers, government representatives and many others. We continue to listen and learn. The result is updated zoning and building codes making it easier and more cost effective for businesses, property owners and citizens to maintain and update their investments. We also continue to aggressively market our available commercial property along Pacific Highway and in the Des Moines Creek Business Park. We are making great progress.

Some notable successes include:    

  • A sustainable budget passed without use of one time monies for the first time in over 15 years
  • Added additional police officers and implemented technological enhancements as a workforce multiplier (working smarter with the resources we have)
  • Pushed for and accomplishing the build out of the Des Moines Creek Business Park (fully leased even before completion)
  • Provided flexibility in rules and regulations to allow small lot development in the Marina District
  • Reduced or eliminated unnecessary regulations to benefit homeowners looking to improve their property
  • Supported regional and local transportation initiatives that benefit Des Moines
  • Activated and funded necessary programs pertaining to street paving and dealing with nuisance properties
  • Leveraging jurisdictional government partnerships helping with the reconstruction of the Redondo Boardwalk and ongoing maintenance expenses within the Marina
  • Continued engagement with local businesses and property owners in the Marina District to redevelop and take advantage of the incoming employment base created by the business park
  • Partnered with surrounding municipalities and community groups to engaged the Port of Seattle staff and Commissioner’s, along with the FAA, to address airport impacts (both noise and health) on the surrounding cities.

My goal is to see this progress continue and that’s why I am seeking an additional term. 

I am committed to completing this journey.

I look forward to continuing our community partnerships and serving on your City Council, as we move forward to appropriately develop our opportunities, while preserving the quality of life elements that this community is known for.


Matt Pina

Your Mayor and Council Member